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Company Profile

The PULSGETRIEBE company looks back on a long history. It was founded in 1926 in Eisenach by Erich Friedrich Puls andhas been based in Karlsruhe since the 1950s. Since its founding, PULSGETRIEBE has specialized in the development of innovative and high-quality gearboxes, which are produced and assembled in our plant in Karlsruhe. The Pulsgetriebe company is characterized by continuous innovation, flexibility, the highest quality products and services and long-term partnerships with our customers and suppliers. PULSGETRIEBE is still a family-operated company and today is headed by the third generation of family leadership in Dr. Christoph Puls. PULSGETRIEBE has been rooted in the Karlsruhe technology region, with its long tradition in mechanical engineering, for decades and also draws the majority of its purchased components and services from the region. This central location in Europe and the optimal connections from Karlsruhe to the European road and rail networks and the multiple international airports in the vicinity have also enabled PULSGETRIEBE to establish and maintain long-term, intensive partnerships with foreign customers.