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The PULS principle

Innovative. Strong. Dedicated.
Unlimited possibilities.


Our products are not simply good at what they do, but also long-lasting and reliable. We source purchased components from local suppliers, guaranteeing the highest Made-in-Germany quality.


We’ve been making planetary gearboxes for practically every field of application for 90 years. The long experience of our employees enables us to draw on a wealth of expertise in the development, production and assembly of gearboxes.


Do you have special requirements? Beyond our standard products, we can accommodate nearly any individual customer wish. From slight modifications of the standard series to completely new designs, we offer our customers the ability to address their needs in specific fields of application.


With us, you won’t merely receive information about our gearboxes; we’re also happy to advise you in the design of your drive unit. Engineer or designer, you’ll receive expert advice and be kept in direct contact with the production process from the design of the gearbox to the end product.