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Mining industry

Reliable, robust gearbox

In mining, the reliability of the drives is the utmost priority: Production downtimes cause massive financial damage and can cost human lives.

Our planetary gearboxes are used as travel drives in mining, as maintenance drives in mills, in thickeners and many other sophisticated mining machines. Fulfillment of relevant requirements such as ATEX compliance is naturally possible.

One interesting example is a thickener with a completely new drive concept whose efficiency was massively increased through the use of a PULSGETRIEBE gearbox with integrated bearings. The utilization of discontinued third-party gearboxes in existing machines is another one of our specialties.

PULSGETRIEBE gearboxes in mining

  • Reliable gearbox
  • Robust
  • Energy-efficient
  • ATEX-compliant
  • Decades-long spare part supply