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Renewable energy industry

Our planetary gearboxes are part of the energy transformation

Scarcely any form of renewable energy can make do without drive technology. Planetary gearboxes in particular are widely used in the industry. While planetary gearboxes are naturally used in great numbers in wind turbines, they are also the first choice in biogas plants (e.g. in the fermenters). In solar parks, the panels are rotated to face the sun with slewing gears, and hydropower is also a typical application area for planetary gearboxes.

Our planetary gearboxes can be outfitted for underwater use with seals, e.g. for use in underwater generators (a technology also used in submersible pumps).

PULSGETRIEBE gearboxes in the field of renewable energies

  • Reliable
  • Energy-efficient
  • Robust & long-lasting