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E-mobility industry

We’re your development partner for the drive systems of tomorrow

E-mobility has become a catchphrase in recent years, yet for most people the concept is associated exclusively with electric vehicles. But also trucks and mobile work machinery, and in particular so-called “off-highway vehicles,” benefit from the new developments in electric drive technology. In many cases, the advantages of electric drive units in these vehicles in much greater than in normal cars as these machines are used much more frequently. While a car is generally only used for few hundred hours a year, a snow groomer, for example, can quickly accumulate well over a thousand hours. So the additional costs amortize significantly faster through fuel savings than for a passenger vehicle.

Moreover, the transition from diesel-hydraulic to diesel-electric drives in particular results in significant simplification in terms of maintenance and better environmental characteristics thanks to dispensing with the hydraulic system, the hundreds of liters of hydraulic oil, the associated hoses and the omnipresent risk of leaks.

The new generation of electric motors for mobile applications is compact and lightweight compared to its predecessors and enables mobile applications that were previously the exclusive domain of hydraulic systems. For the associated new requirements on the gearboxes – higher input speeds, particularly in connection with brakes and clutches, or power splitting – our many implemented projects in this field make us your expert partner.

In collaboration with our cooperation partners, we can offer you everything from the gearbox to the complete drive technology, including the control system, frequency converter and motor and even the battery system.

PULSGETRIEBE gearboxes in the field of e-mobility

  • High rotational speeds
  • Compact design
  • Complete drive technology on request
  • Assistance in conversion to electrical drive