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PULSGETRIEBE General Terms & Conditions

Repair and overhaul of gearboxes

As a specialist in the development and manufacture of planetary gearboxes, we’re also your partner when it comes to servicing such gearboxes. We repair and overhaul our own gearboxes and third-party products.

With an extensive array of special tools and equipment for expert dismantling and assembly, we can handle gearboxes with unit weights of up to 22,000 lbs with no problem whatsoever. Our large inventory of roller bearings (over 400 different roller bearing types), seals and other standard parts enables us to rapidly respond to urgent requests.

Urgent rework or new production of housings, shafts, gear wheels and other parts is covered by our extensive in-house manufacturing capabilities in the fields of turning, drilling, milling, toothing and grinding. We also offer extensive expertise in troubleshooting & optimizing planetary and parallel shaft gearboxes.

Our own standard lineup of planetary and parallel shaft gearboxes can be modified flexibly if, for example, a gearbox is no longer available or needs to be replaced with a more powerful one. If modifications need to be made on your gearbox, direct communication with our in-house development and design teams is extremely useful.

Our services

  • Dismantling and assembly of gearboxes
  • Visual inspection
  • Repair
  • General overhaul
  • Maintenance (also on site)
  • Weak-point analysis
  • Taking oil samples and oil analyses
  • Determining the cause of damage
  • Vibration measurement
  • Test run on our in-house test rig upon request
  • Rework and procurement or new production of spare parts on short notice
  • Improvement and optimization (e.g. power gains, noise reduction, lubrication, cooling, design and optimization of gearboxes)
  • Bearing and toothing calculations
  • Design and production of flanges, pinions, clutches, brakes, etc.
  • Modification of new gearboxes (e.g. shafts or flanges with special dimensions, change of the transmission ratio)
  • On-site service as well as pick-up and re-delivery if requested by the customer
  • Stocking of special parts for urgent repairs in case of damage, by agreement