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Amusement park industry

We develop and produce planetary gearboxes for amusement parks – worldwide

For over 30 years, a range of the most extraordinary amusement rides have been powered with the help of PULSGETRIEBE gearboxes. Whether at local fairs, the biggest amusement parks in Germany or the second-largest Ferris wheel in the US, a 130-meter tall colossus – drive technology from Karlsruhe is an integral part of the fun. Here in particular, where people are propelled at great heights and speeds, the reliability of the gearboxes is of the essence.

Many of the travel drives we built over 30 years ago are still in use today, demonstrating both the durability of our products and the reliable availability of spare parts.

PULSGETRIEBE amusement rides

  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Wide range of applications
  • Custom gearboxes tailored to the application