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Oil Conditioning System

Complex & intelligent or compact & simple oil conditioning units

Suitable for our demanding high speed gearboxes we also offer an appropriate oil conditioning unit in order to have a working and maximum performing system from one supplier.

Especially for high speeds, small assembly space, special installation situation or high powers our oil conditioning systems are indispensable. If simple compact aggregates or complex oil conditioning units with own PLC. We offer a perfectly matching lubrication system to our gearboxes. By monitoring of gearbox and oil temperatures, pressures, oil levels, flow rate, filters we early can identify or prevent possible issues. Using intelligent control systems we can customize oil volume flow and cooling capacity according to your load cycle and therefore reduce losses and heat development or reduce warm-up times. During test runs all sensor data will be evaluated and transferred via bus interface to a superordinate control system.  


Characteristics and advantages
of our oil conditioning units at a glance

  • Specifically designed to meet the requirements of high speed test rig gearboxes
  • Automatic variable oil flow rate
  • Flow heater and cooling system integrated, automatically adjusted
  • Intelligent, independent PLC customizes your oil conditions perfectly to gearbox operation
  • One single bus interface to transmit data
  • Tested together with the gearbox