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High speed gearboxes

Test rig gearboxes with high speeds

Constantly growing aspirations of tomorrow’s drive trains also lead to constantly improving our test rig gearboxes. Nowadays, compact planetary gearboxes for e-mobility applications running with more than 10,000 rpm are not unusual anymore. Also test rig applications have developed and partially lead to significant higher speeds, e.g. at automotive industry.

For this purpose PULSGETRIEBE offers a proven and robust high speed gearbox with speeds up to 25,000 rpm. Using our gearbox, your existing test rigs can be upgraded or a new test bench with robust and proven components can be developed. Our modular design allows us to customize the gearbox according to your needs and keep lead times short. Possible vibrations can be calculated early in the design process using rotordynamic analysis or detected during tests runs before delivering the gearbox.

In order to get the maximum power out of your system we offer a perfectly coordinated oil conditioning unit to our gearboxes.


Characteristics and advantages
of our high speed gearboxes at a glance

  • Speeds up to 25,000 rpm, higher speeds on request
  • Two, three or four shaft ends possible
  • Customization on request
  • Incl. Oil conditioning system to get the maximum out of your gearbox
  • Temperature and vibration monitoring
  • Modular design, competitive lead time and pricing