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Test rig industry

PULSGETRIEBE gearboxes are a proven quantity even at high rpms

We’ve been building gearboxes for a variety of test rigs ever since the PULSGETRIEBE company was founded. Whether test rigs for car components, truck gearboxes, hydraulic motors or Formula 1 gearboxes: Our test rig gearboxes have handled the most demanding requirements with aplomb.

Our high-quality, customizable planetary gearboxes are not only a good alternative to the custom gearboxes often used in test rig engineering, but usually a relatively inexpensive one. Then there is the advantage of the compactness of planetary gearboxes.

For test rigs that have to cover a large speed and torque range (e.g. when very different components are to be tested on them), our speed change gearboxes are an ideal solution. Together with our partners, we can also provide the entire drive system including the controller.

PULSGETRIEBE gearboxes in the field of test rigs

  • Speeds of up to 30,000 rpm
  • Speed change gearboxes
  • Complete drive technology system incl. controller on request
  • Highest standards
  • Wide range of applications
  • Expert consultation
  • High speed gearboxes