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06/21 – 06/23/2022  |  Exhibition at Automotive Testing Expo Stuttgart

For the first time after three years Automotive Testing Expo in Stuttgart has taken place again. Our proven and reliable high speed gearbox as well as speed change gearbox and parallel shaft gearbox generated many interesting inquiries and conversations. During the last years we continuously optimized our speed-up gearbox as well as other gearboxes of our standard product portfolio.


11/24/2020  |  eDumper with PULS-gearbox at german quizshow

Last night at german quizshow „Wer weiss denn sowas?“ the candidates have been faced with world biggest electric driven vehicle.

The special dumper driven by a speed change gearbox of PULSGETRIEBE can load his 4.4 ton battery driving down the hill and uses only this energy to drive up again.

After some speculation the candidates finally guessed the right answer.

08/10/2020  |  Pulsgetriebe at Formula Student Saison 2020

It is now the sixth year in which we support the Rennteam TUfast e.V. of the Technical University of Munich in their Formula Student season. After a very successful season in 2019, a change of the transmission concept was on the agenda this year. Due to a flawless cooperation, new innovative ideas from the university team, as well as the support in design, and a short-term manufacturing by PULSGETRIEBE, the race car could be finished on time.

As a Corona alternative, an online rollout was carried out this year.
Under the following link you can watch the various videos showing the presentation of the race car:

Caused through the current situation the usual competitions had to be cancelled. Therefore a digital race has been organized.

Despite of this unfamiliar situation the team of TUfast e.V. of Technical University of Munich scored very well in different competitions and achieved a very good first place in total, congratulations! See the following link to watch the race simulation event:

At the vehicle itself, extensive test data has been collected, so that a possible advantage over the competing teams can be expected in the upcoming season.

We wish the team good luck and hope for further good rankings.

June 2018  |  Parallel Shaft Gearbox for modified Unimog

The Parallel Shaft Gearbox V Series delivered in the beginning of 2018 is now successfully installed and tested in the vehicle RaceMog II. It is a Mercedes Benz Unimog U1300L with more than 300 HP, particular built for off-road racing competitions. More information about the gearbox concept can be found at

Next race is the Rallye Breslau in Poland. Good luck to the Unimog-Racing Team!

06/13/2018  |  PULSGETRIEBE builds gearbox no. 100,000

Today’s work was a joyful occasion. The gearbox with no. 100,000 on its name plate has been assembled and delivered. It was a PULS Planetary Gearbox T Series, which is used for the main drive in vehicles. All in all it took PULSGETRIEBE more than 90 years to build 100,000 gearboxes.

06/05 – 06/07/2018  |  Exhibition at Automotive Testing Expo in Stuttgart

For the first time PULSGETRIEBE has exhibited at this year’s Automotive Testing Expo. With a high speed gearbox for test rigs with speeds up to 25,000 rpm, a speed change gearbox with two gears and a bevel planetary gearbox for smaller space conditions a wide spectrum of applications has been covered. For monitoring gearboxes or other drive train components a sensor solution has been exhibited as well. This sensors can be integrated e.g. into the gearbox and have a wireless transmission for information of speed, torque, temperature or vibration.

November 2017  |  Sponsoring of Formula Studen

We support the racing team TUfast e.V. of the Technical University of Munich, now the third year in a row. Every year the team of motivated students tries to optimize the vehicle to achieve a higher placing in the ranks. Besides acceleration and lap times also design, engineering and efficiency will be evaluated. PULSGETRIEBE assists the team concerning consultation and manufacturing of the gearbox for the electrically driven racing vehicle. We wish you every success and hope for good rankings further on.

See also: E-Mobility

10/16/2017  |  Electric Dumper with PULS-Gearbox wins eMove Award 2017

According to the motto electric – connected – autonomous the 2nd international tradeshow for mobility 4.0 took place in Munich. PULSGETRIEBE had a booth and presented a model of a gearbox, that is used in an electrical driven dumper.  This Dumper is a so-called PLUS energy vehicle, it generates more energy than it needs for driving. It is the world’s largest electric driven vehicle. For this application a PULS-Speed Change Gearbox SL 5000 was designed and developed.

The vehicle with a total weight of 110 tons won this year’s eMove Award. More information about the eDumper find at

09/17/2017  |  Participation at FIDUCIA Baden-Marathon Karlsruhe

As a further step to develop employees physical fitness, three employees participated at FIDUCIA Baden-Marathon Karlsruhe and successfully completed an half-marathon.
After some short distance competitions the half-marathon in Karlsruhe was the main event at the end of summer. We are happy about the athletic success and say congratulation.

April 2017  |  E-bikes for employees

Since April, several employees of PULSGETRIEBE cycle to work by e-bikes. This action is partly subsidized by PULSGETRIEBE – depending on distance traveled – to raise the body fitness of our employees and to increase cycling.


March 2017  |  50 years company membership

At the first time in our company history an employee reached 50 years company membership, in March this year. We are very proud of this extraordinary long period of employment that also stands for our long-term sustainably thinking. Wolfgang Hahn began to work at PULSGETRIEBE right after finishing his education and now works in part-time at our house beyond his retirement.


October 2016 | PULSGETRIEBE to celebrate its 90th anniversary

Our company was founded in 1926. So this year we are celebrating 90 years of tradition and progress, and we would like to mark the occasion together with our most important business partners and long-time friends of the company in our new facilities.

09/12 - 09/17/2016 | Exhibition of our gearboxes at MDA North America in Chicago

The international trade fair for motion, drive & automation is held as part of the IMTS, the biggest international trade fair for manufacturing technologies in North America. The event will be held at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois. The fair is currently held every two years and lasts for six days.

09/01/2016 | New website design for the PULSGETRIEBE company

In keeping with the spirit of the new physical facilities, the PULSGETRIEBE company has also updated its website. The new design enhances both the clarity and user-friendliness of the site.

05/08/2015 | Relocation of PULSGETRIEBE

To counter space constraints and limited growth potential, PULSGETRIEBE relocated to more modern and larger production facilities in Karlsruhe-Durlach. The move not only laid the foundation for continued long-term growth, but also enabled considerable efficiency gains that were all but unthinkable in the old facilities.

The new address: Am Heegwald 18, 76227 Karlsruhe.