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June 2024 | PULSGETRIEBE 1927-1930

Fifteen of the revolutionary Dixi 6/24 hp cars with this gearbox were built and sold. E. F. Puls took his car of this series on trips as far as Paris and England. In the years that followed, PULSGETRIEBE GmbH developed similar automatic transmissions for buses and trucks made by Vomag, Krupp, Büssing and AEC (“Blue Bus”, London).

PULSGETRIEBE is responsible for the development and testing of the gearboxes. Production usually takes place at the car manufacturers with the cooperation of E. F. Puls.

The main aim of using automatic transmissions is to save fuel and reduce wear, but the aim is also to avoid incorrect gear changes.

May 2024 | IFAT2024: Last day!

A great trade fair comes to an end, many good conversations with old and new acquaintances. One or another interesting project will certainly emerge from this in the next few months.
We were particularly pleased about the lively interest in our small transmission with integrated electric motor and high-speed free wheeling!

May 2024 | IFAT2024: Set-up finished - we're ready to go tomorrow!

We feel right at home: the Cronimet excavator on the neighboring stand is also a piece of Karlsruhe…

April 2024 | #pulsecelebrateshistory: E.F. Puls founds the PULSGETRIEBE GmbH

Our #pulsecelebrateshistory series continues. In 1924, E. F. Puls moved to Eisenach with his wife and first son Friedrich, where he founded the company PULSGETRIEBE GmbH in 1926 and developed and tested an automatic gearbox for the Dixi 6/24 hp car. This development is exhibited at the German Motor Show in Berlin in 1926 and attracts a great deal of attention in the press. It was already a fully automatic 3-speed gearbox in which the gear steps were selected automatically and therefore - as with today's automatic gearboxes - the driver only had to operate the accelerator and brake.

With this invention, E. F. Puls went much further than his competitors, who only offered semi-automatic transmissions in which the gear had to be selected by the driver.


March 2024 | PULSGETRIEBE at the #IFAT2024

We are delighted to be taking part this year and look forward to welcoming you to Munich from May 13-17.
Last year, almost 3,000 exhibitors from 59 different countries attracted almost 120,000 visitors to the world's leading trade fair for environmental technology.

More information about IFAT Munich.


February 2024 | A PULS gearbox explores weightlessness

ZARM in Bremen is one of the world's leading research institutes in the field of microgravity. Experiments on weightlessness have been carried out in its 146 m high drop tower since 1990. A few years ago, the GraviTower was added, which enables much faster experiments with up to 2.5 seconds of weightlessness. Up to 20 experiments can be carried out per hour!

The drive technology was developed jointly by engineers from ZARM, Bosch-Rexroth and PULSGETRIEBE. Taking into account the extreme loads and the highest demands on availability, PULSGETRIEBE has developed a "lightweight" with 2.5 tons and a height of 2 meters, which not only integrates two gearboxes in one housing, but also meets the requirements of extremely fine control - with a transferable power of over 1 megawatt!

True to our motto #firsttimeright, it was designed, built, delivered and never seen again in Karlsruhe!

Image sources: Zarm, University of Bremen (more photos can be found on our social networks, such as LinkedIN, Instagram & Facebook!)


February 2024 | Visiting FIRA World Ag Robotics Forum in Toulouse

Lots of impressive solutions here in Toulouse for one of our biggest challenges: making agriculture more efficient and sustainable at the time. And it makes us proud to be part of it, since some of these marvels are driven by PULSGETRIEBE gearboxes...

Why do AgBots require new, innovative drive solutions?

First, most of them use electric motors with all the implications like high-speed, space restrictions, etc.

Second, AgBots are new, mostly designed from scratch, they don’t carry decades of design tradition with them. This makes engineers creative.

Third, AgBots are differently used:
as an example, they drive slower and are often towed on roads to different locations. This has an impact on the drive system design.

Despite all this, the drive system still has to be reliable and cost-efficient.
This is why PULSGETRIEBE is here.


January 2024 | Inside PULSGETRIEBE: Henri

Today we would like to introduce you to our temporary employee Henri: he has been supporting our logistics department with full commitment for three months now. With so much work to do, we are happy to be able to count on Henri, even though he had no previous experience in our field. And when you watch Henri at work, you get the impression that he is also happy to be with us. But let's ask him himself!

Henri: "After leaving school, I wasn't sure which type of training or course of study was right for me. Working in a manageable company like Pulsgetriebe and talking to my colleagues gave me a good insight into what careers there are in mechanical engineering, an industry that I didn't even have on my radar before.
Maybe I will actually do something with mechanical engineering, that will be decided in the next few months.
And I'm also earning good money, which I'd like to use to take a trip in the summer before my gap year comes to an end."

January 2024 | PULSGETRIEBE in Chile!

The year begins with an appointment at a lofty height with a panoramic view of the Pacific: a PULS gearbox has been doing its job reliably for several years in what is perhaps the most beautifully situated coal-fired power station directly on the Chilean coast (after replacing a far less reliable gearbox of Italian provenance).

The task now is to retrofit the existing gearbox on a large agitator with a more stable gearbox - with the same connection dimensions, of course, in order to keep the changes to the tank to a minimum. A clear case for a PULS planetary gearbox!

P.S.: the changeover from coal to gas is underway. On the (geographically somewhat longer) car journey we drove past countless wind and solar farms - there's a lot going on at the other end of the world too!

January 2024 | 3-shift operation at PULSGETRIEBE with immediate effect!

Continuously increasing productivity is a must in mechanical engineering. There are many ways to achieve this.

We have recently extended our shift operation and introduced an additional night shift.

Nevertheless, no PULSGETRIEBE employee has to stay awake at night: our new Heller machining center takes care of the night shift all by itself! And when the well-rested employees arrive in the morning, they not only find the parts processed and checked (!) by the machine, but also a machine that is ready for new exploits despite the night shift.

December 2023 | PULSGETRIEBE wishes you a Merry Christmas!

We have already received our Christmas present, as we were able to set a new sales record!

This was only possible thanks to a consistent customer base that remained loyal in a difficult year! And our suppliers, for whom the same applies! And of course our team, who made the enormous increase in sales possible!

We would like to thank you and look forward to starting the coming year 2024 with plenty of drive, exciting projects and good teamwork.

December 2023 | ATZ - the automotive technology magazine

In line with our current review of the history of today's Pulsgetriebe Gear Systems GmbH, we appeared in ATZ - the automotive technology magazine this year. The magazine celebrates its 125th anniversary in 2023 and focused on the topic of "Transmission history". We are proud to be represented with a part of our history.

Here you can see the full article.

December 2023  | It's been a century - we're celebrating our history!

Under the theme "PULS celebrates history", we want to take you on a journey through time and take you back to the year 1923: Erich Friedrich Puls, the founder of today's PULSGETRIEBE Gear Systems GmbH, joins his father's trading company for wooden toys, which is sold internationally.

He occasionally has to travel to the Mountains for his work in the family business and goes on these trips with his Cyklonette, a three-wheeled vehicle with front-wheel drive. However, he quickly realizes that the steep paths are a major challenge for his vehicle. His inventive spirit is now in demand: he designs and builds a reduction gearbox with an additional gear ratio.

His solution works and inspires enthusiasm: a passion for the idea of propulsion is awakened in Erich Friedrich Puls, which is later passed on to his sons and grandchildren. The story of a passionate designer who finds a solution to every problem begins. This passion is still part of our DNA today.

November 2023  | PULSGETRIEBE at Agritechnica with Tadus GmbH

Agritechnica, the world's leading trade fair for agricultural technology, is finally back: it was great to see numerous gearboxes from Karlsruhe in one or two machines there. Remarkable is the massively increasing number of electrified agricultural machines, including e-tractors. We are pleased that some of them are driven by PULS gearboxes!

For example, the e-tractor from Tadus GmbH. It's impressive what this small team has achieved in just two years! Mr. Baier - company founder and chief developer: "PULSGETRIEBE made a significant contribution to the rapid construction of our prototype by quickly and easily supplying a gearbox solution adapted to our needs on the basis of the PULSGETRIEBE modular system. We will remain in close contact with PULSGETRIEBE for future development steps. We look forward to further cooperation!"

November 2023  |  PULSGETRIEBE exhibits at the FMB 2023

Our team is here, the booth is ready: let's start the FMB 2023! You will find us in hall 20, stand B38.

November 2023  |  PULSGETRIEBE exhibits at the FMB 2023

The trade fair week at FMB2023 starts this week. We look forward to an informative exchange! The topic of eMobility in particular has been an integral part of drive technology, and we're not talking about electric cars: trucks and mobile machinery in particular benefit from our developments. That's why at the FMB we will be showcasing solutions for integrating the electric motor in the transmission and for increasing energy efficiency, because sustainability starts with the drive.

In addition to energy-efficient transmissions, you will also find answers to the problems of "high speed" and shiftable transmissions.

October 2023  |  PULSGETRIEBE receives guided tour at the Horch Museum

Yesterday we had the opportunity to get a highly interesting insight into the history of automobile production in Zwickau during a guided tour of the August Horch Museum. The museum has been telling the traditional story of automobile history for 35 years. And PULSEGETRIEBE also finds its place in history here! Among other things, in the first volume of the museum's periodical "Tiefgang": the first issue, entitled "Die Amerikaner und wir" (The Americans and us), also deals with test vehicles with PULS transmissions, which, however, did not lead to series production due to the war.

We thank Mr. Neumann, one of the authors of the publication, for this very interesting guided tour!

Picture: Christoph Puls (managing director) with a Horch 830 with V8 engine. Among other things, the fully automatic Puls transmission was tested in a vehicle of this type. The founder of the company, Erich Friedrich Puls, took it on a test drive to Austria with his family. The car and its PULS transmission mastered without any problems, without any manual shifting, even the Katschberg Pass, at that time the steepest pass in Europe.

October 2023  | In-house exhibition of the company Baumüller Nürnberg GmbH

With the topic "E-drives in commercial vehicles and work machines" Baumüller Nürnberg GmbH organized an in-house exhibition this week. Of particular importance for us: two of the exhibits on display are equipped with a PULS gearbox. We were happy to be there!

November 2023  |  Pulsgetriebe participates at FMB

From November 8th to 10th the FMB - Trade Fair for Mechanical Engineering will take place in Bad Salzuflen and also we - Pulsgetriebe Gear Systems GmbH - will be there. We are looking forward to your visit in hall 20, booth B38! More information about contents and booth will follow.

May 2023  |  New machining center increases productivity

Our new Heller machining center has recently increased capacity and productivity and helps us to handle the enormous increase in orders. We are now able to machine 4-axis up to a cube size of 900 mm highly productively and unmanned.

06/21 – 06/23/2022  |  Exhibition at Automotive Testing Expo Stuttgart

For the first time after three years Automotive Testing Expo in Stuttgart has taken place again. Our proven and reliable high speed gearbox as well as speed change gearbox and parallel shaft gearbox generated many interesting inquiries and conversations. During the last years we continuously optimized our speed-up gearbox as well as other gearboxes of our standard product portfolio.


11/24/2020  |  eDumper with PULS-gearbox at german quizshow

Last night at german quizshow „Wer weiss denn sowas?“ the candidates have been faced with world biggest electric driven vehicle.

The special dumper driven by a speed change gearbox of PULSGETRIEBE can load his 4.4 ton battery driving down the hill and uses only this energy to drive up again.

After some speculation the candidates finally guessed the right answer.

08/10/2020  |  Pulsgetriebe at Formula Student Saison 2020

It is now the sixth year in which we support the Rennteam TUfast e.V. of the Technical University of Munich in their Formula Student season. After a very successful season in 2019, a change of the transmission concept was on the agenda this year. Due to a flawless cooperation, new innovative ideas from the university team, as well as the support in design, and a short-term manufacturing by PULSGETRIEBE, the race car could be finished on time.

As a Corona alternative, an online rollout was carried out this year.
Under the following link you can watch the various videos showing the presentation of the race car:

Caused through the current situation the usual competitions had to be cancelled. Therefore a digital race has been organized.

Despite of this unfamiliar situation the team of TUfast e.V. of Technical University of Munich scored very well in different competitions and achieved a very good first place in total, congratulations! See the following link to watch the race simulation event:

At the vehicle itself, extensive test data has been collected, so that a possible advantage over the competing teams can be expected in the upcoming season.

We wish the team good luck and hope for further good rankings.

June 2018  |  Parallel Shaft Gearbox for modified Unimog

The Parallel Shaft Gearbox V Series delivered in the beginning of 2018 is now successfully installed and tested in the vehicle RaceMog II. It is a Mercedes Benz Unimog U1300L with more than 300 HP, particular built for off-road racing competitions. More information about the gearbox concept can be found at

Next race is the Rallye Breslau in Poland. Good luck to the Unimog-Racing Team!

06/13/2018  |  PULSGETRIEBE builds gearbox no. 100,000

Today’s work was a joyful occasion. The gearbox with no. 100,000 on its name plate has been assembled and delivered. It was a PULS Planetary Gearbox T Series, which is used for the main drive in vehicles. All in all it took PULSGETRIEBE more than 90 years to build 100,000 gearboxes.

06/05 – 06/07/2018  |  Exhibition at Automotive Testing Expo in Stuttgart

For the first time PULSGETRIEBE has exhibited at this year’s Automotive Testing Expo. With a high speed gearbox for test rigs with speeds up to 25,000 rpm, a speed change gearbox with two gears and a bevel planetary gearbox for smaller space conditions a wide spectrum of applications has been covered. For monitoring gearboxes or other drive train components a sensor solution has been exhibited as well. This sensors can be integrated e.g. into the gearbox and have a wireless transmission for information of speed, torque, temperature or vibration.

November 2017  |  Sponsoring of Formula Studen

We support the racing team TUfast e.V. of the Technical University of Munich, now the third year in a row. Every year the team of motivated students tries to optimize the vehicle to achieve a higher placing in the ranks. Besides acceleration and lap times also design, engineering and efficiency will be evaluated. PULSGETRIEBE assists the team concerning consultation and manufacturing of the gearbox for the electrically driven racing vehicle. We wish you every success and hope for good rankings further on.

See also: E-Mobility

10/16/2017  |  Electric Dumper with PULS-Gearbox wins eMove Award 2017

According to the motto electric – connected – autonomous the 2nd international tradeshow for mobility 4.0 took place in Munich. PULSGETRIEBE had a booth and presented a model of a gearbox, that is used in an electrical driven dumper.  This Dumper is a so-called PLUS energy vehicle, it generates more energy than it needs for driving. It is the world’s largest electric driven vehicle. For this application a PULS-Speed Change Gearbox SL 5000 was designed and developed.

The vehicle with a total weight of 110 tons won this year’s eMove Award. More information about the eDumper find at

09/17/2017  |  Participation at FIDUCIA Baden-Marathon Karlsruhe

As a further step to develop employees physical fitness, three employees participated at FIDUCIA Baden-Marathon Karlsruhe and successfully completed an half-marathon.
After some short distance competitions the half-marathon in Karlsruhe was the main event at the end of summer. We are happy about the athletic success and say congratulation.

April 2017  |  E-bikes for employees

Since April, several employees of PULSGETRIEBE cycle to work by e-bikes. This action is partly subsidized by PULSGETRIEBE – depending on distance traveled – to raise the body fitness of our employees and to increase cycling.


March 2017  |  50 years company membership

At the first time in our company history an employee reached 50 years company membership, in March this year. We are very proud of this extraordinary long period of employment that also stands for our long-term sustainably thinking. Wolfgang Hahn began to work at PULSGETRIEBE right after finishing his education and now works in part-time at our house beyond his retirement.


October 2016 | PULSGETRIEBE to celebrate its 90th anniversary

Our company was founded in 1926. So this year we are celebrating 90 years of tradition and progress, and we would like to mark the occasion together with our most important business partners and long-time friends of the company in our new facilities.

09/12 - 09/17/2016 | Exhibition of our gearboxes at MDA North America in Chicago

The international trade fair for motion, drive & automation is held as part of the IMTS, the biggest international trade fair for manufacturing technologies in North America. The event will be held at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois. The fair is currently held every two years and lasts for six days.

09/01/2016 | New website design for the PULSGETRIEBE company

In keeping with the spirit of the new physical facilities, the PULSGETRIEBE company has also updated its website. The new design enhances both the clarity and user-friendliness of the site.

05/08/2015 | Relocation of PULSGETRIEBE

To counter space constraints and limited growth potential, PULSGETRIEBE relocated to more modern and larger production facilities in Karlsruhe-Durlach. The move not only laid the foundation for continued long-term growth, but also enabled considerable efficiency gains that were all but unthinkable in the old facilities.

The new address: Am Heegwald 18, 76227 Karlsruhe.