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Drive gearboxes and winch gearboxes

Planetary Gearboxes T Series

In addition to the planetary gearboxes with stationary housing, the T series PULS planetary gearboxes are a modular gearbox series in the torque range from 1,000 Nm to 350,000 Nm. The planetary gearboxes are available in a wide range of versions and thanks to the modular design can cover a wide variety of application areas. PULS planetary gearboxes of the T series are frequently used as travel or winch drivers and are used in a variety of industries, e.g. general mechanical engineering, cable winches, construction machinery, special-purpose vehicle engineering, mining, recycling plants and many more.

If for some reason requirements of the gearbox cannot be met by our modular system, there is always the option of making minor or more substantive customer-specific modifications. Custom gearboxes can also be built if required.

PULSGETRIEBE has been manufacturing modular planetary gearboxes as travel and winch drives since the 1960s and has continuously refined and expanded the model series in the intervening decades. The planetary gearboxes shown here are based on the latest technology in conjunction with decades of experience. In terms of power density and durability, they have been optimized over the past 5 years, always with an eye for ensuring dimensional compatibility with older versions so that existing applications can easily be replaced by more powerful gearboxes.

Characteristics and advantages
of the T series planetary gearboxes at a glance

  • Usually with four or five planetary gears
  • Flexibility in terms of custom designs
  • Polished external gearboxes
  • All gearboxes heat-treated or nitrided
  • Very quiet operation, high power density and durability
  • Stable, thick-walled housing
  • All planetary gear carriers additionally guided by large roller bearings
  • Roller bearings, seals and other purchased parts sourced from premium manufacturers
  • The connection of electric motors is done using a torsionally flexible coupling:
    Quiet operation, no constraining forces, simple assembly/dismantling even with large motors, no dismantling issues with fretting corrosion
  • Use as travel and winch drives